My Lai Chronology

December 1, 1967   Charlie Company, led by Captain Ernest Medina, departs Hawaii for Quang Ngai province, Vietnam.
January 31, 1968   The Vietcong and the North Vietnamese Army launch the Tet Offensive against South vietnam and attack 36 provincial capitals.
February, 1968   Artillery fire and the death of three men and the wounding of a dozen more in a minefield cause anger and tension for the men of Charlie Company.
March 16, 1968   Assault on the Son My village
March 29, 1969   Rob Ridenhour's writes letter descibing the My Lai incident and its cover-up.
April 23, 1969   Inspector General makes full inquiry.
June 13, 1969   Hugh Thompson identifies William Calley as the officer present at My Lai.
August 4, 1969   General Westmoreland orders the I.G. to turn over the investigation to the Criminal Investigation Division.
September 4, 1969   Charges brought against Calley.
November 13, 1969   First Story of My Lai published.
November 14, 1969   Second story published, with eyewitness accounts. Haeberle photos published.
December 13, 1969   Secretary of Defense reports that anyone involved in the killings will be prosecuted.
March 10, 1970   Captain Ernest Medina charged with murder.
March 14, 1970   Peers Report delivered to Westmoreland.
March 17, 1970   Fourteen officers charged with offenses related to My Lai.
February 26, 1971   Charges against the officers not at My Lai dropped.
March 29, 1971   Charges against several officers at My Lai dropped.
March 29, 1971   Calley convicted.
March 31, 1971   Calley sentenced to life.
April 3, 1971   President Nixon promises to personally review Calley's case.
August 17, 1971   Trial against Medina commences.
August 20, 1971   Calley's sentence reduced to twenty years.
September 23, 1971   Medina acquitted of all charges after jury deliberates for 60 minutes.
December 21, 1973   Military Court of Appeals upholds Calley's conviction.
April 16, 1974   Calley's sentence reduced to ten years.
September 24, 1974   Calley's conviction reviewed by District Court.
November 9, 1974   Calley released on bond.
November 13, 1974   Peers Report released in part.
September 10, 1975   Calley paroled, after serving only three and a half years.
May 10, 1998   Ron Ridenhour died of an apparent heart attack while playing handball.

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