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Questions to consider for this eXploration:

Consider another point of view.

Examine the story of the settlement and discovery of America from the Native American’s point of view. What were the controversies over Columbus’s role in the discovery and the actions of subse-quent Spanish conquistadores.

Compare the history of the Spanish in Mexico with that of the English in North America.

Consider the impact of the “mestizo factor” in Mexican history. "Mestizo" is a sSpanish word and refers to the intermarriage between the Spanish and Indians. In some countries, the term "mestizo" has social and cultural connotations; a pure-blooded Indian who has adopted European dress and customs is called a mestizo (or cholo).

Compare this pattern of intermarriage to the quite different pattern of English relations with the Native Americans in North America. What was the long term significance for Latin America of the “immortality” achieved by the conquistadores through intermarriage with Indian women? How did the development of a large mestizo population make Latin American history different from that of English North America?

Consider geography

Examine the role of the Spanish borderlands of Florida, New Mexico, and California as part of the history of colonial America as distinct from examining only the later English settlements along the Atlantic coast. How does our understanding of American history alter if we consider developments in these areas to be of equal importance to the more "traditional" historical perspectives?


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