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Activity 1: Who was Christopher Columbus?

Activity 1: Write a biography of Christopher Columbus

1. When and where was he born?

2. What did he look like?

3. Where did he live prior to his voyages to the New World?

4. Where did he land on his first voyage?

5. Why was he brought back to Spain in chains after his 3rd voyage?

6. Where is Columbus buried?

7. Did Columbus ever realize that he had found a New World?

Activity 2: What did Christopher Columbus look like?

Christopher Colombus,
head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly right.
photomechanical print : halftone, color.
Created between 1890 and 1940
Library of Congress

Christopher Columbus
Engraving by Johann Thedor DeBry.
16th century
Library of Congress

[Christopher Columbus, half-length portrait, facing slightly right]
photographic print [between 1900 and 1950] of a painting by Sebastiano, del Piombo, 1485-1547.
Library of Congress

First landing of Columbus on the shores of the New World: At San Salvador, W.I., Oct. 12th 1492 lithograph. Published by Currier & Ives, c1892.
Library of Congress
The landing of Columbus at San Salvador, October 12, 1492
Llithograph. Published by Currier & Ives, c1876
Library of Congress
The landing of Columbus 1492
print. c1893 Jan. 26.
Library of Congress
The landing of Columbus Oct. 11th 1492
lithograph, hand-colored. Published by N. Currier, c1846. Library of Congress

Activity 3: Columbus as an Author

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"I had refused to receive the cotton from the native whom I sent on shore, although he pressed it upon me. I looked out after him and saw upon his landing that the others all ran to meet him with much wonder. It appeared to them that we were honest people..."


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