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Nebraska’s Superintendent of Schools

Very few of the next generation of Nebraskans will have the pleasure of attending school in a Nebraska sod schoolhouse. They might go to school in poorer buildings than the one built of sod, however, for it is as warm in winter and as cool in summer as any ordinary schoolhouse, although some of our lady teachers do object to the fleas and vermine that sometimes infest such a building. Many of our sod school houses are well finished, nearly all are floored and plastered, and many are finished around the doors and windows on the inside. Slate blackboards, patent desks, maps, charts, a school library, a globe and an international unabridged dictionary may be found in many of them. The better class of them have shingled roofs.

Source: William K. Fowler quoted, in Richard E. Dudley, Nebraska Public School Education, 1890 1910, 66.


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