A Young Girl

Old Saybrook, Conn.
July 27, 1938

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt:

I am a poor colored girl who thinks quite a lot of you and your family, and I know you have done a lot for my race and we appreciate it immensely.

Now I am going to ask you two personal favors which I hope you can do. The first is will you find my daddy a job as caretaker and gardner on an estate or as a janitor of a club or theatre. He can't find one and we can't afford to put an advertisement in the papers. He has sixteen years experience.

The second thing I want to ask you to do for me is a big favor but I do hope and pray you will do it. My situation is as follows: I am a girl who lives in this small town called Old Saybrook. I was born here and have lived here all of my life. In June of 1935, I was graduated from the Old Saybrook High School and in June of 1936, I was post graduated from the same high school. Now I desire to continue my education by studing "theology" at the "Moody Theological College" in Chicago. Upon graduation from Moody College I would like to become a foreign missionary or professional quoir singer or teacher.

I am ambitious and determined to succeed, and because I am determined to succeed and ambitious, I am writing to ask you ifyou will and could please finance my expenses for me. You don't know what it would mean to me if you would do it for me. You see I couldn't bring my self to ask just anybody to do this. I had to ask someone who has money and some one who is good and kind to colored people and does not hate them. You know as well as I do that a lot of the white people hate the colored people, so I couldn't ask just
anybody like a white girl could. Therefore I was doomed until I thought of you. I hope you won't think I am bold in asking you to do this for me.

I would try to complete my course in about 21/2 years. There is no charge for tuition. But I must pay for my room and board which would be about seven (7) dollars a week. Then I must pay for incidentals etc. I figure that if you would allow me ten (10) dollars a week I could make my ends meet.

We go to school from setember to the first week in August. Negros are not allowed to stay at the dormitories so I would have to room and boad out¬side. The superintendent said that she would find me a suitable place to stay. Then I would need about eight dollars ($8) extra to have four of my teeth fixed before I can get my doctors certificate in and checked by Moody College.

I would like to go this fall in September so I wish you would let me hear from you right away. I have been out of school 2 years already and I would not like to keep waiting. I tried to get a job but none of the people wanted me because I have no experience in house work. Now it is too late for me to get a job because August is here and it will soon be September. I don't feel smart enough to work my way through and keep up my studies at the same time. Therefore, now that it's so late I am asking you for help. I want
you to understand that I would be willing to pay you back after I had been graduated and received a position. I would like to pay you so much at a time until I had it all paid up.

I beg and implore you please do not give my name to the newspapermen and please do not give them this letter to print. I woud be very hurt and embarrassed; this is a personal matter between you and me. I do not want my name in the papers because I live in a small town and everyone knows me and they would make fun of me, I know. So, once again I beg you do not let the newspapermen hear of this. Thank you very much.

`Hoping you will get my daddy a job so that he can pay his bills and hoping that you will lend me the money for my schooling so that I may go in Sep¬tember, I am

Yours affectionately,

P.S. I have tried to get a loaning concern to lend me the money, but they don't want to wait, until I have been graduated, for their money. I have been trying to get work or some means to get to Moody ever since I was graduated and because my future looked black I have come to you in desperation. I hope you will lend a hand to a poor colored girl who would appreciate it and I will endeavor to make myself worthy of your extented hand and kindness.

You understand that I would like to pay it back and would like about ten (10) dollars a week and eight dollars extra in advance. I want to go in September. Once more I will beg you not to give my name and this letter to the newspapermen or any officials. Thanking you for what you will do for me, I remain

Yours respectfully

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