A Young Girl

Wachapreague, Va.
June 20, 1934

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt,

Please don't consider this a foolish idea but, I knew no other to call on for help than the one who has been a mother to the country, regardless of color or creed.

Mrs. Roosevelt, I am eager for an education. I have worked out since I was m yrs old. I missed four school terms out of school, and graduated from high school at the age of 19 yrs.

I want to enter college in September. I have'nt a dime, and I cannot find work. What shall I do? To whom shall I turn to for help if you fail me? Mrs. Roosevelt I feel that you can help me and I feel that you will.

I am willing to work for you night and day to pay you for all that you do for me. Help me if you can.

The school that I have made application for is West Virginia StateTeach¬ers College, Institute, W. Virginia.

I want to make a woman of my self. I want to be some body. Help me in any way that you can. I'll do any kind of honest work and I have had lots of experience.

I have a good reccomendation. Please, Mrs. Roosevelt, may I count on you to help me? I am sick at heart.

I graduated in "33" and I have been out of school all this winter.

I hope to hear from you at once please.

Sincerely yours

B. A. G.

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