A eighteen year old girl

Brownsville, Penn.
May 25, 1934

Honorable Mrs. Roosevelt,

My uncle has been telling me of the help you have been giving to the miners and their family's and I am an miners daughter. Age 18. I never fin¬ished school Because I was ill. My heart was bad. It has been well for the past two years. But I cant afford to go to school as my father is unable to work But draws a government pension which is enough to support us but as we have a large family it is not enough to dress us. I have earned my tu¬ition for Business College working for a lady in our town. I visited a girls club in California and one of the Subjects was the Description of the White House and it was said the attic of the White House was over flowing with discarded clothing if this is true and you would send me some I am rather . . . clever with a needle and I would be forever grateful

A. E.

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