A seventeen year old girl

High Point, N.C.
[received Jan. 22, 19371

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt,

If it does not bore you too much to get letters from poor people, please read this. I am a very poor girl, 17 years of age. Dady works in a veneer plant. He makes very little and there are six of us for him to provide for. You can imagin how hard it is for us, wiht house rent, grocery bills, water bills and then have to clothe us on what is left of his wages. I never have any spending money, as other girls do. We use kerosene lamp, because we are not able to use Electric lights, we sometimes burn candles. I am sure you have never known the heart of a poverty stricken girl. I see so many girls of my own age wearing pretty cloths, it just makes my heart ache to know that I can't afford to even dress decent. I only have 3 dresses that are fit to wear in public. One of these was given to me by a friend. I made one of them myself. I get the cloth off of a remnant table at Penney's store here at High Point. I paid $r.98 for the other one last winter. I wore these dresses all last winter and this winter. Just wearing the same dresses over and over, while my friend's get new ones real often.

Please pardon me for being so awkward in writing to you, as you can very readily see that I dont have much education. You must also forgive me for being so personal, but I am so worried about my present condition that I felt like I would not dare to ask you for a new dress, no that would be entirely too much. I treasure very highly even a $1.98 dress. I know you could send me one of yours and never miss it. You always have such lovely clothes. I have always wished I could have just one dress as pretty as some that you wear. I am really in need. I just wish there was some way I could work for you to prove to you my appresheation. You are so sweet and kind I know you won't dissapoint me.

I am sure that you have friends there, who perhaps have so many clothes that they don't know what to do with them. Tell them about me and please try to get me some dresses that have been already worn, I will be so proud of them, I could never express my appresheation to you. Send me anything that can still be worn. I can were a size 16 dress.
I would like to hear from you at once.

Thank you very much.

If you are not able to help me at present, please write to me.

You may rest assured that I have told you the truth, because I am a Chris¬tian. I believe you will trust me. If there is a doubt in your mind about this write to Revern C. K. G. . . . for further information.

My name is A. S. . . . I just put the word important on the envelope so you would be sure to read this letter.

Miss A. S.

P.S. Please mail me the dresses, if you can get up any for me.

Please let me hear from you at once. I trust that you won't take this letter as an insult.

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