A fifteen year old girl

[Clairton, Pennsylvania
Acknowledged Mar. 1 1934]

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt,

I'm sorry this had to be written on funny paper. But honest its very funny to live I wished sometimes that I were dead. It was Sunday when I wrote this letter to you. I had just come up stairs to sleep I have been crying, so lease excuse my writing. On Sunday, I sit around and cry myself to sleep, I'm not aloud out never. I'm always in the house, no body comes to our house, because its so old fashioned and not a place for fun. I'm not aloud to buy books like True Stories or any other kind. I'm sick I hate life. I go with my girl friends to school sometimes But they don't appreciate me be¬cause I'm poor and haven't got clothes like they do I wished and wish for clothes I hope that some day I will enter a contest and win some money . . . I hate every thing now because life seems blind I love my mother dearly my dad works 3 dys a wk he gets $40a mth. But he has lot of old bills to pay from before when he did not work I wish I had work I would help my dad although he is mean to me As old as I am I still get beaten Well you would say (Why) because sometimes he gets drunk and starts to Beat us for silly things I'm sick And tired Dad buys me some things once in a great while. But how long I only have 3 dresses for school. One of my girl friends gives me shoes But O God Bless her. Please help me, Id like to get some nice clothes and some furniture for our house I want to brace up I want to go with my friends and show them kindness. I want to cooperate well with others . . . I want to be loved . . . Please Ans to M. S. . . . because I have a cousin that has the same name & she might get the Answer

Please Answer Soon.

Im 15 year old In 8th grade Don't show this letter to nobody Please

Won't you help me dear Please send me some money so I can do some¬thing I want you to write to me as a friend Please write/Answer I would like to have an answer. Thank You.

I'll be Your Friend forever
Excuse my errors

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