A Thirteen Year Old Girl

Comanche, Texas
[received Sept. 3, 1940]

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt.

I am a thirteen (13) year old Farm girl from down in Comanche Texas. School will start this next Monday Sept. 2.

And I have no clothes or shoes to wear to school. My Father (G. C. P.) is Seventy two years of age and gets on Old Age pension of $14 a month, but there are eight (8) of us so it takes All that to live on.

I am the oldest child of our Family.

My mother is sick all time, and can't work. And Oh, Mrs. Roosevelt I do want to go to school. I will be in the seventh grade when school starts. I would have been in the eighth grade but I did not get to go to school last term. I always make exilent grades on all my work in school when I can go, and this is the reason. Every time I get to start I always stay in after school and at recess for fear I will have to stop school and wont get to make all my grades. And while I am trying so hard to go to school, Others are being made go to school and are wishing they would not have to go. Mrs. Roosevelt why is it that way?

Why can't I find a way to get me some clothes and shoes. Mrs. Roosevelt can you help me? I have written an order to Sears RoeBuck and Co. Dallas Texas for clothes and shoes and I am sending it to you. And if you will help me you can send the order on to Sears RoeBuck and Comapany. Mrs. Roosevelt if you have a kind heart (which I'm sure you do) you will help me. Its hard to write this, with tears rolling down ones cheeks. But this was my only chanch Mrs Roosevelt, I am wondering if Monday morning will be a happy day for a little girl who is now sad. And I have great Faith in you helping me. If you send the Order (which I'm sure you will) all you have to do is send the money and your name and address But have the order sent to me.

Mrs Roosevelt I can't believe you will fail me.

Please, Mrs Roosevelt help me

I'm not wanting much just what I think you can afford. May God Bless You


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