A Thirteen Year Old Girl

Granette, Ark.
Nov. 6 1936

Dear Mrs Roosevelt

I am writing to you for some of your old soiled dresses if you have any. As I am a poor girl who has to stay out of school. On account of dresses & slips and a coat. I am in the seventh grade in school but I have to stay out of school because I have no books or clothes to ware. I am in need of dresses & slips and a coat very bad. If you have any soiled clothes that you don't want to ware I would be very glad to get them. But please do not let the news paper reporters get hold of this in any way and I will keep it from geting out here so there will be no one else get hold of it. But do not let my name get out in the paper. I am 13 year old.

Yours Truly


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