A Thirteen Year Old Girl

Penna. Sept. 7, 1936

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt,

I am a young girl of thirteen and I have great ambitions. My parents are very devout, but poor people. During the past eight years, we have always lived very close to the school and we still do, but I graduated from grammar and I have a great distance to walk every day. Therefore I have to be well equipped. My parents have six other children. It is extremely hard to provide our family with food, shelter, and clothing on an income of $19.60. It is my heart's desire to become a school teacher. I often think of giving my parents all the luxuries I am denied. For instance a lovely home with everything a couple of old folks could want. I only hope they will live that long. My object for writing this letter is ask your aid in helping me to get a lovely coat to wear to school. Won't you help me Mrs. Roosevelt? I need one so badly. If I don't get one soon I will have to miss school and I dread the ordeal. Just any kind you feel I should have. Will you kindly send it. Oh Mrs. Roosevelt you don't know how much we will appreciate your gift. I live in the rural part of North Philadelphia and I have to walk to 15th & Wallace Streets. I beseech you to help me please. I do believe you will help me.

Prayerfully yours, G. H.

I forgot my size Sweet sixteen

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