A thirteen year old girl

Union City Pa
Sept 5, 1934

Dear Mrs Roosevelt

How are you? I am just fine. I am just asking you to send me a dress my father can't effert to even get me a pair of stockings My dad only works 1 day my brother don't work can't find a job I don't have no shoes to wear to school I am thirteen yrs old get size for a dress i4 and shoes 51/z my father can't hardly effort to buy us children food to eat. There is ro of us children I don't have one pair of stockings to wear Well my dear Mrs Roosevelt I hope you send them stuff for I'll be waiting for the package. I never had a nickle in my life for my self my dears Mrs Roosevelt will you please I always have to cry for clothes I'am ragged going to church and School I'am waiting for the package.

Good Bye Mrs Roosevelt

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