A twelve year old girl

Barboursville, W. Va.
August, 23, 119341

Dear President & Wife;

This is the first time I or Any of my people wrote Any president. And I am here to ask you for $8.oo to get me a winter coat. This may seem very strange for a girl 12 years old to do but my father is a poor honest working Laundry man and he works on a percentage a week we have 10 in our family and my father does not have enough money to get him a bottle of Beer. He is a democrat and did all he could to have you voted. The N.R.A. [National Recovery Administration] is coming alone fine. As little as I am I know just as much about depression as a grown person. I'm 12 years old and am in the 8th grade curly hair Brunette & brown eyes & fair complexion & weigh 76 lbs. Hoping to hear from you soon I remain your true Democrat

J. A. G.

P.S We would have loved if Mrs. Roosevelt when she was visiting Logan to come around to our small town she was only about 60 miles from here.

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