A sixteen year old girl

[Rushsylvania, Ohio]
March 29, 1935

Dear Mrs Roosevelt.

I am writing you a little letter this morning. Are you glad it spring I am. For so manny poor people can raise some more to eat. You no what I am writing this letter for Mother said Mrs Roosevelt is just a God mother to the world And I though ma be you had some old cloths you no Mother is a good sewer and all the little girls are getting Easter dresses And I though that you had some you no papa could wear Mr Roosevelt shirt and cloth I no. My papa like Mr Roosevelt And Mother said Mr Roosevelt carry his worries with a smile You no he is always happy..You no we are not living on the relief we live on a little farm. Papa did have a job and got laid on 5 yr ago so we save and got two horses and z cows and hogs so we can all the food stuff we can ever thing to eat some time we don't have ever thing but we live. But you no it so hard to get cloth. So I though mabe you had some. You no what you though was no good Mother can make over for me I am 11 yr old I have a brother and a sister 14 yr old. I wish I could see you I no I would like you both. And shoes mother wears 6 or 61/2 and papa wear g. We have no car or no phone or Radio papa he would like to have a radio but he said there is other thing he need more. Papa is worried about his seed oats. And one horse is not very good. But ever one has't to worie. I am send this letter with the pennie I get to take to Sunday school mother give me one so it took 3 week Cause mother would think I better not ask for things from the first Lady. But Mother said you was an angle for doing so much for the poor. And I though that would be all rite this is some paper my teacher gave for X mas. My add is C. V. . . .

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