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Accounts of the Duel

William P. Van Ness’s Amended Version of His and Nathaniel Pendleton’s Statement of July 11, 1804

The parties met…and then took their respective stations as directed: the pistols were then handed to them by the seconds. Gen Hamilton elevated his, as if to try the light, & lowering it said I beg for delaying you but the direction of the line renders it necessary, at the same time feeling his pockets with his left hand, & drawing forth his spectacles put them on. The second then asked if they were prepared which was replied to in the affirmative. The word present was then given, on which both parties took aim, the pistol of General Hamilton was first discharged and Col. Burr fired immediately after, only five or six seconds of the time intervening. On this point the second of Col Burr has full & perfect recollection, he noticed particularly the discharge

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